Cidrerie du Minot

Du Minot is a local business.
From right here in Quebec. Since 1987. 

Bon vivant, warm, and welcoming.
Du Minot is a family business.
Just like our apples, our ciders are crisp and festive.

To be enjoyed at all times and perfect for grand celebrations!
Our ciders will thrill and excite you.
They are about good times and shared memories.

A business driven by expertise, ingenuity and
passionate people. Inspired by life.

Our Mission

To produce from the forbidden fruit, high quality ciders resulting from a sustainable agriculture and a land propitious to apple. Make accessible to the greatest number, our ciders branded with both our traditional and innovative know-how and the ever-effervescent passion, transmitted from generation to generation, for yesterday, today and tomorrow’s pleasure.

From Breton tradition to Quebec renewal

From Brittany to Quebec, the Demoy family has been making cider for almost 150 years. Cider enthusiasts, Robert and Joëlle Demoy left their native Britanny in the late 1970s to settle in Quebec and set up Cidrerie du Minot in Hemmingford in 1987.  Over the years, the couple shared their passion with their children Audrenne and Alan who are now ensuring succession.

Inspired by traditional Breton techniques, Cidrerie du Minot has been producing high quality ciders for over 30 years and collected national and international recognitions. Today, it is with ultra-modern equipments that Cidrerie du Minot develops more than a dozen ciders.

Robert Demoy
Robert Demoy

Founder - Oenologist-cider maker

Breton-born, Robert Demoy, graduate oenologist at the University of Bordeaux is recognized in the cider industry in Quebec for his expertise as well as for both his artisanal and innovative methods. 

Joëlle Demoy
Joëlle Demoy

Founder - Head of Finance

Also born in Britanny, Joelle moved to Quebec with Robert in the late 70's  and established with him in 1987 the Ciderie du Minot where she participates in all the activities surrounding the cidery and family. Today, Joëlle is principally engaged in the business accounting.

Audrenne Demoy
Audrenne Demoy

Co-owner - Production

With two years of university in biochemistry and a certificate in teaching, Audrenne officially returns to the cidery and startes alongside hes father Robert Demoy, the art of producing high quality ciders. Since spring 2011 she takes over the business with her brother Alan.

Alan Demoy
Alan Demoy

Co-owner - Marketing

Bachelor of Administration, Alan worked for several years in the sales sector before resuming his activities to the cidery in 2006. Alan is now responsible for the marketing of  Du Minot ciders. He also has taken the responsibility of the company since the spring of 2011.